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2014 Convention Schedule

:bulletblue: NewCon 2015 (???)
:bulletblue: SakuraCon 2015
:bulletblue: AX 2015 (???)
:bulletblue: Anime Revolution 2015
:bulletblue: Aki Con 2015 (???)

Thinking about changing my Icon -- What cosplay should I feature? 

32 deviants said Hiccup
19 deviants said Sokka
13 deviants said Peter Pan
11 deviants said Keep Riku!!
11 deviants said Korra
6 deviants said Neku
2 deviants said Other (Please Comment)



Down Time by Theelfinartist
Down Time
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Eve my friends!
It's sure been a while, so much has happened! How did it get to be CHRISTMAS already? Gosh golly, I don't know. Time flys by like the cold winter breezes outside!

I don't really know what to say because there is SO MUCH to say.... But I loved it so, the battle was EPIC, Varrick continues to amuse me (PERFECT MARRIAGE PROPOSAL BRO), TAHNO PLAYS THE TROMBONE, and KORRASAMI Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)
How did you like the finale? Would you have changed anything? I HAVE SO MANY LOK COSPLAYS I MUST DO NOW. SO MANY. <3 <3

Korra cosplay by : Theelfinartist
Winter 2013
The Strongest Decoy by Theelfinartist
The Strongest Decoy
AkiCon 2014 || Haikyuu - Hinata

Happy post-turky day my friends! I'm so thankful for all of you here on DA, you've shown me such support, encouragement, and kindness over the years! Feeling so blessed to have you all to share our love for cosplay, anime, manga, and the like! ♥ You all inspire me to continue to do what I love and I've made so many precious friends over the year!

Here's a solo shot of my Hinata cosplay! This started out as a small little family cosplay between my brother (KingLuke2222) and parents which quickly escalated as all of my friends jumped on board. THERE WERE LIKE, 11 OF US! My beautiful Volleyball team! Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] I was a happy little volleyball boy!!
My fam and I even brought a volleyball I used to use in games -- that was a hit. LOL. The day was pretty much us TRYING to look like we knew what we were doing and having fun through our crazyness.

And And ANNNDD! I just had so much fun. ;A; SO MANY HILARIOUS INSIDE JOKES NOW I CAN'T EVEN.Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1]


Hinata cosplay by: Theelfinartist
Photography by: MitchalVerley
Wash My Sins by Theelfinartist
Wash My Sins
Flash Back to my Dream Photoshoot in Hawaii || Riku -- Kingdom Hearts

I love the wide angle of this shot and just how beautifully blue the water is! Gotta cosplay kingdom Hearts again someday soon, I really miss it! ♥

Riku cosplay by: Theelfinartist
My Aura has Never Been Pinker! by Theelfinartist
My Aura has Never Been Pinker!
Aki Con 2014 || ATLA TyLee

Earlier this year I was hit with the burning desire to cosplay TyLee. I've never worn so much pink in my life!! ha! Finally got to cosplay this cutie -- it was such fun :') Can't wait to pull her out again to play.

Tylee cosplay by: Theelfinartist
Photography by: MitchalVerley
Mahou Shoujo: A Haunted Stroll by Theelfinartist
Mahou Shoujo: A Haunted Stroll
AkiCon 2014 || Madoka Magica Halloween Verison!

Happy (super late) Halloween! I was so excited to dress as Halloween Mami for the occasion. MitchalVerley even made me look like a REAL LADY! I've never been so dressed up and pretty. Miracles do happen! Now I'm obsessed with false eyelashes. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME.
These costumes will always be special to me since they were born the night before the con through a group effort! I have a little piece of MitchalVerley, kaleso, and my hand work in it! <3

Madoka cosplayed by: :iconkaleso:
Kyubey cosplayed by: :iconkingluke2222:
Mami cosplayed by: :icontheelfinartist:
Photography by: :iconmitchalverley:

Mami and Madoka costumes made by Mitchal, Kaleso, and I. Kyubey costume by me.

Aki Con Line-Up!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 12:28 AM

Salutations, my dear friends!

So-- I did a fantastic job of keeping y'all updated with this cosplay thing of mine, haven't I? (LOL NOT) But it's been good, I've been creating some new things lining up some fun plans, and most certainly haven't forgotten about you all here on DA! <3

I don't know how in heaven's name this event crept up so quickly on me buuuuuuuut...

AkiCon is this weekend!

Are you going? I hope I'll get to see some of you there this year! You've probably heard me talking about my Zumba classes that I teach... Well, if you're at AkiCon this Saturday you'll have the opportunity to come dance with me at my "Zumba Dance Party" panel at 6pm in the 2nd Stage Room!
It'll be a blast, we'll boogie down and have some fun. :')

So without further ado, my dear kaleso sits here in this VERY ROOM and we are so stoked to spend the weekend with friends sharing our love for cosplay and anime! Here is what the costume line-up is looking like!


• Thursday | Pre-reg
Maybe somethin' fun and easy~ Ya know, just chilling, finishing last minute stuff. Yeah.

• Friday | Secret Halloween Version Cosplay
With MitchalVerley, KingLuke2222, and kaleso :heart: !

• Saturday | Avatar the Last Airbender + Magi!
Hakuryuu in the morning with my Kou Empire friends! (Valdrein, Haruu-chan, AsraMarie)
Myself as TyLee, Dawnstar95 as Fire Nation Suki, and Mum as JuDee (Little bro and Dad to be decided. LOL)
I'll be hosting my Zumba Panel as TyLee as well!

• Sunday | Haikyuu!
( KingLuke2222 as Kageyama, my parents as Ukai and Kiyoko, kaleso as Nishinoya, MitchalVerley as Asahi, Heimdallll as Daichi, Haruu-chan as Kuro, AsraMarie as Kenma!

See you all soon!
(What's everyone wearing?)


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  • Eating: Dried Cherries
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